Workplace Health Promotion

Here, a variety of different and scientifically based concepts are tailored to your very needs. We offer specific measures for WHP, such as a “company health day”, as well as long-term and comprehensive WHM programs. The integration of exercise into everyday work, management programs, in-house courses, lectures, and short training courses on nutrition and stress – all this describes the range and individuality of our WHM offer.

In order to achieve long-term positive effects, we place great emphasis on the sustainability of all measures, which we ensure through refresher courses, individual posters on exercise and training, and impulse coaching.

In planning and implementation we are supported by our multi-faceted team, which includes sports scientists, medical doctors, and nutritional scientists.


Over the years, people have been losing touch with their need for exercise. Many of us spend more than half of our day sitting down and moving our musculoskeletal system into positions that are completely unnatural to the human body. We stay like that for hours on end.

One-sided physical strain paralyses muscles, ligaments and tendons, we lose strength and flexibility, resulting in side effects such as headaches and tension.

In the context of a needs-based health management, we will take on these challenges. We would like to improve your employees’ performance and with that, your company’s performance.


We offer e.g.:

  • Active break
  • Classes
  • Personal training


We all decide for ourselves what we eat, and with that we decide how our diet will influence our health.

Because it will. Every healthy lifestyle necessarily includes a healthy diet! But what exactly is a healthy diet?

In order to be healthy, a diet should be balanced and versatile, i.e. it should contain important macro- and micronutrients which keep the body efficient for work and play and, above all, healthy.

Still, there is a great uncertainty concerning this topic, and mass media and the internet are being flooded with all kinds of “good advice”.


We offer e.g.:

  • Dietary counselling
  • Cooking classes
  • Canteen and cafeteria counselling

Stress management

Stress, like relaxation, is a part of life. Without an adequate stress response, we would have little to no energy for the many big and small challenges of everyday life. Only those who are able to balance tension and relaxation are truly balanced and capable of top performance.

But in today’s fast-paced world with its multitasking, constant changes and high levels of aspiration, relaxation is often neglected. If we constantly ignore the signals our body sends us, do not take breaks and pay too little attention to physical balance, this may result in stress-related disorders such as tension, back pain, indigestion, insomnia, visual impairment, difficulty concentrating, tension headaches, or even burnout.

Once we are relaxed and don’t feel constant stress, we are much more efficient, focused and easy to work with.

With our WHM, we will motivate you to become aware of your limitations and face the day in a more relaxed way, with focused relaxation techniques and multimodal stress management, .

We offer e.g.:

  • Mindfulness training
  • Individual coaching
  • Burn-out prevention

Other WHP services

These are just a few examples. For the complete portfolio, contact us.

  • Workshops
  • Impulse seminars
  • Lectures
  • Screenings
  • Health checks
  • Health days
  • Ergonomics consulting
  • Massages
  • and many more