Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Like OIM, Occupational Health and Safety is another pillar of WHM. This area is subject to legal regulations as well, namely the Arbeitsschutzgesetz (Occupational Health and Safety Act). In the area of Occupational Health and Safety, a company commits to preventively counteract work-related health disorders and occupational diseases. Inside a company, this involves specialists for occupational safety, and, if applicable, the company doctor.

Another pillar in the context of the Occupational Health and Safety Act is occupational safety.

As the name suggests, this is all about employee safety at work. Dangers to the employees’ safety and health should be manageable and are to be minimized wherever possible.

OHS not only serves to minimize work-related health risks and prevent accidents, but also to enhance a company’s economic performance: Accidents and work-related illness cost both companies and society a lot of money. Empirical studies indicate that deficiencies in OHS often go hand in hand with deficiencies in product or service quality, thus they indicate problems with a company’s organisation and management (see e.g. Schliephacke 2008).

Our offer for occupational health and safety

  • Psychological risk assessment

  • Physical risk assessment

  • Workplace ergonomics

  • Lighting design

  • Guidelines for hygiene