We will turn a workplace into
“a great place to work”!

Our team has been advising and supporting well-known German companies in the area of Workplace Health Management since 2006. You will find a sample of our customers in our references.

For instance, we are responsible for the WHM of Sysmex Europe GmbH, which Prof. Klaus-Michael Braumann MD of the Institute for Sports and Exercise Medicine at the University of Hamburg recommends as one of the most comprehensive examples of WHM in Germany, citing it as a “best practice model”. We are very pleased that we were able to contribute to the Sysmex Europe’s ranking among the top 50 companies in Germany named “a great place to work”.

Make use of our many years of experience, and advance your company, regardless of whether you have five, twenty or several hundred employees, and whether you work in the commercial or the industrial sector: We will develop a bespoke WHM concept tailored to your specific needs, a concept which balances benefits and costs in an ideal way. For this, we employ a wide variety of measures, methods, and modules. Here you will find an overview of what’s on offer.

We are the perfect partner because we are

Comprehensive: a full service provider with a team of over 50 experts

Experienced: over 15 years of experience in health/WHM

Affordable: moderate prices with modular offerings for SMEs and corporations

Flexible: WHM modules for different employee target groups: commercial, administrative, management, sales force

Our approach

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