Workplace Health Management

We make your employees more efficient and reduce costs due to sick days

Your employees are the most valuable pillar of your company. Their expertise, their experience, but also their  motivation, their joy of work and their identification with your values and goals determine your future chances in a competitive environment.

Sounds familiar?

Your employees are sick too often, and their number of sick days increases every year. That means: Your company loses money. But measures to reduce absenteeism are too expensive for your budget … or are they?

Sickness costs per employee
(Source: Booz & Company , 2011)
Costs of employee per sick day
(Source: A. Hoffmann, Angewandte Arbeitswissenschaft, issue 168, p. 4)

Sickness rate in pct.

On average, German employees are on sick leave for 4,35% of each year.

We will solve your problem

Successful companies have long recognised that a science-based Workplace Health Management (WHM) can be far more than a simple incentive measure or an image factor.

  • Reduce sick days by 40%, and lower your costs now, with BGM3 *

  • According to current studies, the return on investment is up to 1: 6**

  • Costs of WHM are deductible (tax advantage)

  • Financial support by health insurance funds is possible

BGM3 GmbH – your specialist for a comprehensive WHM

With over 15 years of professional experience, we will stand by your side as a reliable partner in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of a needs-based health management in your company.

Be it requirement or situation assessment, workshops, lectures, health days, courses on the subjects of exercise, relaxation, mindfulness and resilience or nutritional advice: Together we will make your employees and your company fit and more productive for tomorrow’s challenges.

Workplace Health Management (WHM)

Workplace Health Management is a holistic strategy that includes all measures which take into account individual health and contribute to a “healthy” organisation.

WHM is the umbrella for three areas: WHP, OIM, and OHS.

  • Consultation free of charge
  • Needs analysis
  • Training in working groups
  • Seminars for management
  • Concept planning
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation

Workplace Health Promotion (WHP)

  • Health days
  • Health checks
  • WHP measures: Exercise, nutrition, stress/mindfulness
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Preventive diagnostics
  • Addiction prevention
  • Occupational medicine through WHM doctors, e.g. vaccinations

Operational Integration Management (OIM)

  • Return to Work (RTW)
  • Stay at Work (SAW)

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

  • Psychological risk assessment
  • Physical risk assessment
  • Workplace ergonomics
  • Lighting design
  • Guidelines for hygiene

NEW: Digital WHM

We offer our services in digital form, too

  • Active break “live”
  • Online coaching
  • Online courses
  • Online workshops
  • Online lectures
  • Video platform

What our customers say about us

Uur occupational health management is a significant cornerstone of our employees’ high satisfaction with Sysmex as an employer – Sysmex ranks in the top group in terms of employee satisfaction according to Towers Watson compared to the
industry benchmark.

The sickness rate is far below the German industry average, the health awareness of our employees is very high, and employees are motivated and committed. Our internal analysis very clearly shows a positive cost-benefit balance.

Jürgen Schulze, Sysmex Europe GmbH

A selection of our WHM customers from the past 16 years

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